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Are you passionate about social media and looking for a fully remote position?

Hi, my name is Terya and I run a social media management company in the Netherlands. As my company keeps growing, I’m looking to expand my team. I would love to put a photo here of "our team", but the truth is that we are all remote workers and we are spread far and wide across the globe... So instead, you'll have to do with a photo of me.

I truly enjoy doing social media for companies and business owners who deserve more attention but are not sure how to achieve this by themselves. My core values are authenticity, empathy and being value driven. I am looking for people who would like to contribute to my mission to fill the internet with more fun, educational, authentic content so all of us spending so much time on social media actually get value from it AND the business owner gets to connect with a community of people interested in his/her products and services.

I'm not looking for people who "just need to earn a living" - although we all have to and there's nothing wrong with that. But since we have the world at our fingertips with the internet now, why not pick something we truly enjoy doing??

Who are we looking for?

Let me paint a picture and you can tell me if it's you.

1. You strive to be authentic: no unicorns or Barbiedoll perfection, but you with all your quirks and flaws. You know your strenghts, and you know when you need to ask for help when it's not your strength.

2. You are empathic. In my opinion, this makes it easier to get into the skin of the target audience and understand how to compell them. But overall, I just like working with people who are considerate and care for one another.

3. You are value driven. You're not just cranking out deliverables so you can tick the box, but you think about how to create something which will truly provide value to the client.

If that sounds like you, please read on and find out which vacancies are currently open.

Current Vacancies


Thank you for your interest.

Social Media Virtual Assistant for Content Creation & Scheduling

I am looking for a reliable, independent contractor to take on content creation & scheduling. You will be provided with the branding guideline, social media strategy, content calendar and materials to work with.

Your work process

  • create content according to schedule: both the image (Canva) and the caption.
  • Add 3 - 5 hashtags which fit the specific content you just created (the rest of the hashtags will be provided),
  • send it to me for review and make changes if required,
  • schedule the content in after the review process is completed.
  • Engage with the target audience for 5 - 10 minutes around the time it is posted.

Bonus points if you share ideas for improvements on occassion. You're free to think along with the content calendar, you don't have to follow it blindly.

For this particular position, I'm looking for someone who has been doing this for a while and knows her/his way around. You are used to running your business and managing expectations with clients.

The skill set of the Ideal Candidate:

  • Good at writing copy that keeps the reader engaged;
  • Fluent in written English;
  • An eye for design – regardless of whether you’re working with Canva or photoshop, you instantly notice which colours match and which clash, when something is or isn’t aligned, or when elements do/do not fit with the style & tone of the brand;
  • You can easily distill key information from a longer post to create a concise social media post;
  • You’re capable of writing & creating for any industry and niche, after some initial research and guidance.

The work ethics of the Ideal Candidate:

  • You’re an independent worker and make sure you deliver what you promise,
  • You’re good with sticking to deadlines and will take action if you require input from someone else to do so;
  • You’re good at communicating and will not hesitate to ask your questions, raise your concerns and manage expectations when things don’t go as planned;

This position is fully remote. As long as you make your deadlines, you can work when & wherever you like.

Are you the reliable VA that I’m looking for?

If you feel you are a good candidate for this role, please submit your application here: https://forms.gle/ebZyMf3zTTjrXnwC8 (applications close 27-01-2021).

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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