Social Media Consulting

Borrow our expertise, so you are sure you ex ecute on the right things!

You are comfortable handling your own social media, but there is a specific aspect you need some help with. For example, you would like to know

  • how to improve (organic or paid) engagement;
  • what to do to increase your followers or conversions;
  • how to set up a time-efficient system that ensures you stay consistent;
  • and to have all of this tailored to your business, industry and resources.

In short, you don't mind doing the work, but you want to make sure you are doing the right work for your specific business.

Our Social Media Consulting services are just what you need. We research and evaluate your company and social media, then create an actionable plan that you can work with.

Social Media Consulting services include:

  • An actionable, tailor-made plan specifically written for your specific business and the goals you want to reach;
  • Two review rounds so the final plan is exactly what you had in mind and fits with you and your company.
  • An in-depth walk-through of the plan, so you understand exactly what we advise you to do.
  • A follow-up call 1 month after we delivered your plan to see how you are doing and if you need any further explanations of the plan.
  • A follow-up call 3 months after we delivered your plan to answer any last questions you may have.

Ready to receive an actionable plan to catapult your social?

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