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Growing an engaged tribe in the beauty industry



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That's this coaching program in a nutshell.

Are you done with the excuses and ready to really get your social media organised?

Tired of your social media channels looking awkwardly empty or silent most of the time?

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Sign up for our 4 week Coaching Program:
Growing an engaged tribe on Instagram in the Beauty Industry”.

  • This time, get it all done for real!
  • Tackle a specific part of your Instagram strategy every week;
  • Work together in a virtual setting and keep each other accountable;
  • Upload your work for personal feedback and tips from Terya;
  • At the end of this coaching program, you will have a personal actionable system to have your content ready a month in advance!
  • Bonus: 1 extra week free coaching (if you sign up before Sunday 24th of November 2019 ).

Coaching program per week

  • Week 1: Getting Your Foundation Right - Your goal, main topic, target audience and tagline.
  • Week 2: Creating a schedule to work from - Your content calendar and working schedule
  • Week 3: Doing the research to catapult your efforts - Hashtag & community research
  • Week 4: Getting Down to Work - Creating & scheduling a month’s worth of content
  • Bonus - week 5: Analytics - Evaluating what works best and do more of, vs. what to stop wasting time on

(If you already have one of these parts done, we can cover a more advanced topic based on your needs during that week.)

Let’s do this together! Sign up now:

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Yes! I'm dedicated to get my social media set up properly, so my business can grow.

Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social. - Jay Baer