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Social Media Management

Full outsourcing services
You want a professional, smooth running presence on social media, but you prefer to spend your time running your business. We've got you covered. Let us take the work off your plate and get your message out there using a tailor made strategy in line with your goals.

Social Media Consulting

Expert advise
You would like a professional evaluation of (a specific aspect) of your social media? Or you could use some input developing your strategy? Turn your social media into a lead generator with our strategic advice.

Social Media Coaching

Learn to do it yourself
Are you more of a DIY type? Ready to put (the proverbial) pen to paper and get your social media running based on your own creativity and input? Learn how to consistently stand out through our personalised coaching.

If you had a machine that gave you back several euros for every 1 you put in, would you use it? That's what social media can do for your business.

Overtake Your Competition

So you are ready to get more clients through social media...

...but you usually don't find the time to get started. Or even if you find the time, you don't really know what to share. Of course you shared 10 pictures that day you had that company event, but the rest of the time it is pretty quiet on your profile. Are you wondering...

  • what to write?
  • how to get people to follow and buy from you?
  • but prefer not to spend your free time on it?

Understandable. You have 100 things on your plate, and social media simply isn't at the top of the list.

And yet, your future clients are out there, spending more time on social media every day. Getting more and more used to buying online... from your competitors, if you do not have an online presence.

This is where Social Valkyrie can help

A Valkyrie is a female warrior from Norse mythology, riding out during battle to bring the bravest warriors to Valhalla - the Norse mythological heaven.

Similarly, at Social Valkyrie we help enterpreneurs to bring their companies to the Valhalla of social media: a place where they have

  • a strong brand,
  • an engaged community
  • that brings in new fans and potential clients like clockwork.

We offer full social media outsourcing services, consulting services with actionable advice and online courses you can follow at your own pace.

Not sure what is best for you? Schedule a free call and we can help you determine which approach is most suitable for you.

Why work with Social Valkyrie?

At Social Valkyrie, we help you win the battle for attention on social media. Everyone can be on social media, but getting results from it isn't as easy. We have the expertise and experience necessary to help your business increase visibility and reach your goals.

Creating eye-catching and engaging accounts on social media is something we really enjoy doing. As soon as we see the product or service of a company, ideas start to fill our minds:

  • what to write that would interest your (potential) customers;
  • how to make that look good;
  • how to maximize engagement with / on it;
  • how this can be used to attract new customers; and so on.

Working with us will help keep you and your company top of mind. We ensure your message is consistently sent to your online audience, fully in line with your branding and tailored to your business goals, of course.

Are you ready to take action and get your social media handled by a pro?

But Don't Take Our Word For It

Read What Our Clients Have To Say

Lisa Guo

Business Owner

We didn't have time to be on social media so much. But we now have 32.000+ followers on 3 platforms, and messages from people who are interested to join us coming in all the time. Can highly recommend working with Terya!

Elmy Fedorov

Children's Book Author

I knew I could make more sales through social media, but I don't know the first thing about it. I don't even have personal accounts. Working with you has been a breeze. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about it and can focus on writing.

Dara Israel

Sustainable Travel Agency Owner

I travel a lot and don't always have access to wifi. Thanks to you, my accounts stay active and continu to grow, and I get to connect with my tribe when I am able to.